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Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a white wine known and appreciated throughout the world.
It is produced in a very small area of ​​Tuscany in San Gimignano, between Siena, Pisa and Florence. It was the first Italian wine to receive the Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) in 1966 and in 1993 it accomplished the DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin).

The origin of the Vernaccia name is uncertain, it probably dates back to the Latin Vernaculum which means "domestic".
Its production holds ancient origins, we believe that it was born in 1200. The first official document of the City of San Gimignano dates back to 1276 and shows how the trade of this wine was already flourishing and profitable.
This wine was immediately appreciated by nobles and aristocrats of the time. It is also mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy
when among gluttons in the Purgatory he meets Pope Martin IV who is found too often guilty of desiring the Vernaccia.
It was also Lorenzo the Magnificent favourite wine, as documented by his various written requests to the City of San Gimignano.


Colour: pale straw yellow, tending to gold with aging.
Smell: fine, penetrating, characteristic, fruity (prevailing hints of citrus), floral (notes of broom and mimosa), herbaceous, mineral (characterized by the typical hints of flint).
Taste: dry, fresh, full-bodied, good persistence, harmonious, with a characteristic bitter aftertaste (bitter almond). The freshness guarantees a more gradual evolution toward its balance with the flavour.

Serving suggestions:

Pasta with white sauces dishes, various fried food, fish, eggs and white meat.
Excellent as an aperitif or to accompany appetizers
It should be drunk as an aperitif at 8-10 ° C; on the table at 12 ° C.

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