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The legislative decree n. 196 of the 30th of giune 2003 ("personal datails protection code") contemplates people's and other subjects' protection whithin personal details treatment. In accordance with the indicated regulation, this treatment will be characterized by the principles of fairness, transparency and lawfulness and protection of privacy and rights.

You will be able to exercise Your rights at any moment towards the treatment's holder, under Article 7 of the legislative decree.196/2003, which we will reproduce by full for your own ease at the side of this page: art. 4.

The acceptance of conferment and acceptance of the website detail treatment is not mandatory however it is subject to acceptance for the correct utilisation of some services. The users who are subject to personal details treatment acceptance are those who spontanously register to the newsletter service.

The user is responsable for the submitted details, including of course the personal identification ones. Providing false details is a law punishable crime.

The head and responsable detail submitter is for his rights within the art.13 of the 31 december 1996 law n.675 and art.7 of the legislative decree 30 june n.196, you can call on to the site's holder. We inform you that a Warrantor is instituted by law, a collegial body placed to guarantee the personal details of subjects. Art.4) Legislative Decree n.196/2003, Art. 7 - Right to access to personal details and other rights

  1. Who is concerned has the right to obtain confirmation on the existence or non existance of personal details regarding himself, even still not registered ones, and the consequential comprehensible comunication.
  2. Who is concerned has the right to obtain indications:
    • a) about provenance of personal details;
    • b) about finality and modality of treatment;
    • c) about the thought applied in case of treatment done with the help of electronic devices;
    • d) about the holder's details, the accountant's details and the representative who has been nominated, under the article 5, comma 2;
    • e) about subjects and cathegories of subjects to whom personal details can be comunicated or can come to aknowledgement in quality of representative on the state's territory, of responsables or in charge.
  3. Who it is concerned has the right to obtain:
    • a) Updating, rectification or, whether interested, details integration;
    • b) Cancellation, conversion to anonymous form or detail treatment stoppage under violation of law, including those that don't necessitate conservation relating to the motivations of the detail collection or subsequent treatment;
    • c) The Attestation that the a) and b) operations have been brought to knowledgement, including their content, to who's details have been comunicated or have been released, except for the case where this fulfillment turns out to be impossible or requires an incredibly sproportioned effort compared to the right guaranteed.
  4. Who it is concerned has the right to oppose, partially or entirely:
    • a) For reasons due to personal details treatment relating to him self, even if related to the purpose of the collection;
    • b) to personal details treatment for the purpose of advertising material forwarding or direct selling or for market resarch or commercial communication.